Samsung as a mobile brand has been in the Indian market for a long time and has flourished immensely. Samsung’s massive success and popularity are because it provides some of the best smartphones in India within a budget. Samsung phones are known for their extraordinary camera quality.

In this article, we shall talk about the new launch of Samsung, which is the Samsung a12 and 7 reasons why it is worth it to buy the phone. With the festive season drawing close, here is why you should buy this impressive Samsung mobile phone from the Bajaj Mall Online Store.

  • Extensive RAM and ROM - Samsung a12 offers 4GB RAM and 128GB storage for an affordable price. This extensive RAM allows you to do multiple tasks at one time and efficiently. On the other hand, the 128 GB RAM, which is further extendable to 512GB, ensures you do not run out of space very quickly. This Samsung mobile is also available in a 6GB 128GB variant.

  • Mediatek MT6765 Helio Gaming Processor - This phone is equipped with a Mediatek MT6765 Helio gaming processor, ensuring an amazing gaming experience. The processor can easily run HD games and higher graphics without lagging or overheating.

  • Li-Po 5000 mAh battery - The 5000 mAh battery in the Samsung a12 mobile phone helps you retain your charge for the longest time, and the phone also offers 18w fast charging technology. It doesn't stop here; it even offers reverse charging. So now you can charge your phone easily in a very short period and not need to worry about the battery draining fast.

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  • AI Quad Macro Camera - Of course, as we all know Samsung is famous for its camera quality; this phone is not an exception. This phone has a 48MP triple rear camera and the 5MP bokeh camera which delivers amazing and accurate picture quality. It also has a super macro camera that discovers the tiny and exciting world for you and captures them magnificently. 

  • Screen size - Samsung a12 comes with a 6.46-inch screen that supports all the latest cell technology and gives you an incredible experience of gaming and watching your favourite content on Netflix or Amazon Prime. The phone presents crystal clear graphics without colour leaking.

  • Ultra gaming mode - The ultra gaming mode assures that all the distracting alerts and incoming calls are removed while you are gaming so that you are not distracted. So if you are a dedicated gamer this phone is just for you. The ultra gaming mode also makes sure the phone is free from apps running in the background.

    This improves your gaming performance without the phone slowing down. It also boosts your game, without causing the phone to overheat or drain the battery too quickly. 

  • Fingerprint and face lock sensor - The phone comes with a fingerprint sensor and face lock technology that provides a very secure phone when it is not with you. In addition, the Find My Phone feature allows you to track your phone at all times, ensuring it can be easily retrieved if lost or stolen.

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The Bajaj Mall also hosts a wide variety of electronics under one roof, and must be your one-stop destination for every need. The store offers amazing offers and discounts on not just Samsung mobile phones but other electronic items as well. And with the festive season drawing near, this must be the perfect time for you to purchase your dream Samsung a12 mobile phone for yourself and your loved ones at incredible prices.